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Who are Easy Rollers?

We are the owners of Easy Rollers, Jose & Ryan. We became friends 16 years ago and decided to start a business together! Jose has 20+ years experience in sliding glass door restoration, as well as 10+ years remodeling high end homes and has built an ongoing relationship with his previous clients. While Ryan has over 20+ years experience installing and repairing window treatments as well as cubicle systems & furniture for offices. Ryan has also been a multimedia designer in advertising slash computer nerd for 23 years. And we both just like to fix things!

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Patio Sliding Glass Repair Service
Fast, Friendly and Professional Services.

Stop struggling with your slider! Call us to repair and move that slider with ease.

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Roller Replacement

Over time, your sliding rollers become worn and damaged. Especially living in this moist, salty environment. Replacing your rollers are one of the ways to get your slider moving more smoothly. We ONLY use Stainless Steel & Nylon door rollers that will make your door slide like new again. They're made of high-quality materials and come with a 2 warranty, so you can be sure they'll last.

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Track Repair & Restoration

When your rollers start to go, they start to do damage to the track that they are rolling on. Along with replacing the rollers, we will also repair & restore your track. That way the rollers have a smooth surface to roll on! We'll make sure everything is working properly and smoothly so your door can operate like new again.

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Locks & Handles

Salt, time & weather will affect your locks and handles the same way it will affect your rollers and track. We have many styles of both that way we can match exactly what you have throughout your house. . We'll make sure everything works properly and is secure. We know how important it is to have security, so we're dedicated to providing the best possible product and service.

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Security Deadbolts

At EasyRollers, we know that your home is your safe haven. That's why we offer high-quality security deadbolts to secure your sliding doors. Our deadbolts will give you peace of mind, knowing that your home is safe and sound.

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Screen Door Replacement

We also offer screen door replacement. It's inevitable that your screen door will start to deteriorate. Replacing the screen door is a low cost and will make your life so much easier.

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Have Any Questions?

Head over to our frequently asked questions for some more insight of our business!

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The grand finale Repair & Install!
Why spend $20,000+ for NEW sliding glass doors, when you can get them fixed for a fraction of the cost!

Rule #1

Don't Replace, Repair!
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Replacing your patio sliders is seriously expensive.

Most of the time that expense is not even needed. At a fraction of the price we can make your doors as good as new! Majority of the time all you need to do is replace a few parts and BAM! Easy exit!

Replacing just a few key parts can often fix the problem entirely. Not only is this way cheaper than buying an entirely new door, but it's also much faster and easier.

Before you spend a fortune on a new patio door, talk to us first. We'll be able to tell you whether or not you actually need a new one, and if not, we'll fix up your existing door.

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A Few Services To Make Your Exit Smoother.

Stop fighting your slider! We come equipped with the roller replacements for any slider, and trust us, it will make your life so much easier!
We offer many types of handles and lock replacements, security bolts and various security options. We also offer aftermarket pulls that will allow you to ease your way outside.
We strive to make your sliding experience as smooth and easy as possible, and sometimes that requires repairing or replacing the track. This restoration, is in most cases, an essential part of the repair process.
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